General Orthopedic

Bone problems may arise suddenly due to an injury or disease, or appear gradually over time due to aging or arthritis. Regardless of the cause, with our orthopedic care and surgery services, you can gain back your mobility and confidence, and get rid of the pain.

Orthopedic complaints are one of the most common reasons patients seek medical care. Every year more than 1 million Americans receive a total hip or knee replacement. If you or a loved one suffers from joint, knee, or sports related discomfort, don’t wait until the pain is unbearable.

Orthopedic Services

The team of experts at Southeast Texas Orthopedic Group is experienced in caring for torn muscles and broken bones to more advanced treatment options such as minimally invasive surgery, joint surgery, and non-invasive methods. We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care in an environment where patients come first.

Our team specializes in all bone-related issues, such as joint replacement surgery, knee and shoulder surgery, and more, has helped hundreds of patients regain their strength and mobility.

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

Southeast Texas Orthopedic Group provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for all musculoskeletal disorders. Whether you have suffered a sports injury or you want to get rid of knee pain, our orthopedic specialists offer advanced, coordinated care for all bone- and muscles-related disorders.

Southeast Texas Orthopedic Group offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic services, including:

  • Sports medicine
  • Fracture care
  • Knee surgery
  • Elbow Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery

Why Choose Southeast Texas Orthopedic Group Orthopedic Services?

Your orthopedic experience may start with a regular visit to your primary healthcare provider who may direct you to an orthopedic care specialist. Consider Southeast Texas Orthopedic Group when you’re in need of specialist orthopedic care for the following reasons.

  • Advanced Imaging Techniques – Orthopedic care begins with accurate diagnosis. From conventional X-rays to advanced CT scan and MRI scans, we offer a comprehensive range of imaging services for timely and accurate diagnosis of any given medical condition.
  • Advanced Orthopedic Care – When minor injuries and mild pain can be easily treated using basic rehabilitation techniques, more complex spine injuries require orthopedic expertise and skills. Our orthopedic specialists and other healthcare professionals use the latest treatment techniques to offer you the best possible orthopedic care.
  • Innovative Surgery Techniques – At Southeast Texas Orthopedic Group, we use advanced, minimally invasive robotic surgical techniques to promote faster recovery and to help the patient get back to their normal life as quickly as possible.